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  • Slopes

  • If you have a slope, you know what a formidable landscaping challenge it presents. Every task – from planting, to irrigation, to maintenance, is more difficult on a hillside.

    Let us take care of that troublesome slope for you. We can turn your frustrating problem into a dramatic asset. 

    Slopes need cleanups, plants, the proper irrigation and mulch to look their best. 



    A cleanup removes all the unwanted plants and weeds. Then we’ll replant your slope with a combination of ground covers, shrubs and trees, whatever is most appropriate for your particular situation and what will achieve the look you’re after. If your slope is steep, a varied planting of deep rooted plants (the larger shrubs and trees) along with smaller plants and ground covers help to tie the soil together and stabilize the slope. 


    Then we can set up the right irrigation system for your slope. Improper irrigation on slopes is one of the most common mistakes I see people making. The usually have sprinkler heads that apply water too quickly resulting in the water simply running off and not being absorbed. As a result, the plants suffer because they aren’t getting adequate moisture.

    In most cases, I recommend MP Rotators to ensure your plants get the water they need to look their best and thrive.  MP Rotators have precipitation rates less than half that of regular spray nozzles.  This means water is applied more slowly and soaks into the soil rather than running off.

    Some slopes have plants that are best watered with drip irrigation.  In those cases, I use Netafim dripline with inline, pressure compensating emitters. This assures that water is applied uniformly to each plant along the entire length of the tubing.

    Drip irrigation will eliminate this problem and also give those plants the deep watering they need to thrive on this slope. 


    The benefits of mulch include:

    •   Reduces weeds by preventing germination of weed seeds
    •   Retains moisture by reducing evaporation, thereby reducing the need for watering
    •   Prevents compaction and crusting of the soil’s surface, which aids in water penetration
    •   Protects the soil from erosion
    •   Last but not least, a mulched surface looks much better than bare soil

    So give us a call to schedule a free consultation to see what we can do to make your slope a showpiece