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  • Drip Irrigation

  • Drip irrigation is the perfect solution for irrigating those narrow beds against your house and around your lawn, your slopes and your potted plants.

    Drip irrigation apply water exactly where you want it – directly to the root zone of your plants while eliminating overspray on your house and hardscape.

    Drip systems are efficient, delivering water only to the plants that need it. Drip irrigation systems can be tailored to deliver the precise amount of water required by each individual plant. When the drip lines are covered with mulch, evaporation is greatly reduced thus retaining moisture and saving you water.

    Dripline with pressure compensating emitters is a perfect solution for those hard to water areas like narrow curved beds or steep slopes. Drip irrigation waters your plants uniformly avoiding the common problem of a plant blocking a spray nozzle and leaving adjacent plants dry.

    We can convert any of your irrigation zones to drip irrigation using the existing piping system. And when you make changes to your landscape, your drip system is easily modified to accommodate the new plantings.

    For large expanses like your lawn or large slopes, I recommend using rotary nozzles – MP Rotators. MP Rotators emit multiple streams of water at one-third of the rate of a typical spray nozzle, allowing the water to soak in and reducing runoff.

    Switching to MP Rotators is easy, you just need to replace the nozzle using the existing pop-up body or sprinkler riser.

    Many local Water Districts are giving rebates for converting your spray nozzles to rotating nozzles because of their water-saving advantages.

    If you’d like to convert some of your sprinklers to drip irrigation or MP Rotators, give us a call to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your options.