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  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping

  • Turf Removal Rebate Program & Drought Tolerant Landscaping

    Is your lawn filled with dead patches, weeds and alien grasses? Maintaining an attractive, healthy lawn is an expensive proposition. Are you thinking about going lawnless?

    A beautiful landscape doesn’t require a large, thirsty expanse of grass. You can say good-bye to your weekly mow and blow gardener and save money on your water bill every month by replacing your lawn with drought tolerant plants.

    You can receive an additional rebate for changing your sprinkler nozzles to MP Rotators – a more efficient, water saving nozzle. Or if your new landscape plan calls for drip irrigation, that qualifies for another rebate as well. Conserve water with a ‘smart’ weather based timer for your sprinklers and receive another rebate. Check your water district’s web page for the rebate details for your area.

    There are many attractive ways to landscape your property without a lawn that will increase your home’s curb appeal. Lawns can be replaced with any mixture of trees, shrubs, succulents, perennials and groundcovers. All of these can be a beautiful, money saving alternative to a lawn that guzzles water and needs weekly mowing.

    A cash rebate, significant water savings every month and much less maintenance year-round all make going lawnless the sensible thing to do.

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