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  • Landscape Lighting

  • Low voltage lighting enhances the beauty of your property while providing safety and security. Steps and paths should be lit to make sure your visitors are able to move about easily and safely after dark. Low voltage lighting  allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces after dark.

    We install high quality 12-volt LED landscape lighting systems. LED lights use 75% less electricity and last 20 times longer than than halogen lights.

    We use high quality, stainless steel multi-tap transformers. Multi-tap transformers offer variable voltage regulation, so your lights will have the correct voltage at every fixture. Those do-it-yourself products you find at the box stores only have one 12-volt tap which can’t compensate for voltage drop, giving you an inferior installation.

    Our lighting systems are designed to meet your landscape lighting needs today as well as in the future. Fixtures can be easily moved as needed. So when your landscape changes or the tree grows, simply change the location of a fixture or add new fixtures to achieve the lighting effect you desire.

    We stand behind our installations with a 15 year guarantee that they’ll work properly for years to come. That guarantee even applies to the LED lamps/light bulbs. Our waterproof connections are permanent and will not come apart.