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  • The dirty secret grill brush manufacturers hope you never find out

    Why doesn't the brush work?

    Have you ever noticed that after you give your grill a good brushing, the grates still have chunks of grease stuck on it? This is the same no matter what brush you use, the standard plastic handle brass bristle type or one of those fancy motorized jobs that shoot out water, they all leave your grill top short of clean. Here's the simple truth: Because a brush can only reach thetop of your grill, it will always leave a wicked amount of grill gunk on thebottom and sides that will get cooked into your next meal.

    Also consider this. Every time you brush, burnt food comes off your grill top and onto the bristles, where it stays for the life of the brush. Now that same brush with caked on grease is suppose to clean your grill? You wouldn't brush your teeth with a dirty tooth brush, so why would you on the cooking surface you're about to eat off of? 

    How GrillFloss solves your dirty grill problem

    So what can you do about those hard to reach spots that your brush can't reach? You take the advice of your dentist-- you floss. Like dental floss for your grill, GrillFloss wraps around each grill rod shaving away baked on "plaque" from all sides, where your brush can't reach.

    When you floss your grill, watch as strips of charred debris fall away from each grill rod like the business end of a cheese grater on a block of cheddar. Simply wipe away any remaining grease build up on the GrillFloss scraper blade with a napkin and you're ready for the next round of grill cleaning. Try doing that with a brush!